It’s kite flying weather!

It’s kite flying weather! Don’t you just love being out on a breezy sunny day, running through a field or park, watching a kite soar behind you? The kite is floating with the clouds, colorful tail streaming behind it, and . . . BAM right into a tree!

Ever had a day like that? Things are going great, and you’re beginning to feel really secure in your success, when a huge “tree” jumps up in front of you! Why can’t life be just one long windy, warm day with no wrecked kites in sight?

If there were no challenges, if every kite flew with little effort, if every pathway was clear – would life be perfect? Or would we begin to think our lives are under our control? Perhaps we need to have some difficult experiences to help us appreciate our blessings. With no waves, water becomes stagnant (and possibly a little shallow). How are we to empathize with those neighbors we are supposed to love as ourselves if we can’t relate to their problems? Kites come in all sizes and designs . . . I’ve seen pirate ships and dragons and butterflies . . . some are more easily launched than others, and some fly longer and higher. But they all use the same wind for lift. And without it they are earthbound.

Is the wind still lifting you every day? Even when your life seems too “heavy”, God is still there beside you. He knows your problems and mine, and He has the power to lighten our loads, and to make the adjustments we need to be able to soar once again. He can use our “heavy” experiences to trim and craft us into people who live contentedly, love amazingly, and lift our hands to praise Him. Trust God, and He will lift you up!

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”
~James 4:10