Gate 11

By Tim Henderson

Near the end of camp one summer, I was moved in my spirit and began thinking about my family and our future. I thought about when we would live fully in the presence of God. I knew that unless the Lord returned and took us all together, that we would have a time of separation from each other.

Like any family that is going to be separated for a time we needed to designate a meeting place so everyone will know where to gather when the time came. Since Denise and two of my kids were at camp with me, I wanted to communicate to them immediately. So I called them over to the side of the pasture where we were standing and told them what I was thinking. I told them as we got separated by life and at some point death, we needed to know where to meet up again. So I chose a meeting place. I told them that when we got to heaven that we would meet at Gate 11.

Since that time I have told others where I will be. So when you get there you do not have to come see me first, but when you want, you know where I will be. Come by and let’s talk.

But the most wonderful thing is we do not have to wait until then. The church needs to be a Gate 11 – a place to meet. A place to learn from each other as we experience God.

Who are you inviting?