I Don’t Know You

By Tim Henderson

I was at ACU camps and a student walked past me when I was standing in a large group and said, “I don’t know you, but I like you.” Then he just kept going. It put a smile on my face. Someone was willing to see good in me rather than waiting to evaluate and decide. A student, who was not living in fear of the stranger. It was heartwarming to know that I was being given worth and value without having to earn it.

After being at Central for five weekends and two full weeks, I am experiencing the same treatment. You have presupposed in me worth and value. You have welcomed my family with warmth and kindness. You are living out Ephesians 1. Because you know God’s redemption, forgiveness and His lavish grace, you are able to show your support to my family. You may not know me but you have communicated that you like me.

I am excited to have the opportunity to join you in sharing what God has given to us and lavishly sharing it with our neighbors and friends. May He show us new ways to communicate His grace to people we know and people we are yet to know.

Just before I moved to Lufkin I cracked open a fortune cookie. Here was the message inside, “The time is right to make new friends.” Thank you for making the message from my cookie a true statement. Now is the time to go make it true with others.