By Tim Henderson

I am a big fan of memorials. Not just the large well known ones like Lincoln Memorial or the Vietnam War Memorial, but small every day ones as well. I have rocks, crosses, and bricks that remind me of various times in my past. These items remind me of times and people in my past. These items serve to encourage me in the present.

God has used memorials through out the past to remind us of his presence. He set the rainbow and had Israel to take stones from the a river. The temple became a reminder that he was among His people.

My favorite memorials are coffee mugs. Every time I use a mug that is tied to a place, event, or person, I remember. This past year as my daughter was overseas for the year, I would use a specific mug that reminded me of her. It reminded me of our relationship and it reminded me to pray for her and to be thankful for her. I use rocks, crosses, bricks and a piece of iron to remind me what God has done in my life. This helps me today because I am assured of His continued presence.

What memorials have you created to remind you of that God is ever present in your life? How do you use these memorials to witness to those around you? Do people wonder, “What do these stones mean?” (Joshua 4.21)