To Be Known

By Tim Henderson

Every time I travel from Tyler to Lufkin, I pass through Jacksonville. Each time, I notice the sign that announces that Jacksonville is home to the world’s largest bowl of salsa. It strikes me that Jacksonville is trying very hard to be known for something. But what good is it to be home to the largest bowl of salsa without also being home to the largest bag of chips?

It seems that many of us strive to be known for something. We want to be set apart, different from everyone else. In Luke 3 we find John the Baptist in the wilderness preaching to the crowds and his words have great impact on many. When touched by his preaching they asked how they should respond. He gave them holy guidance and led them in right ways to live. He was becoming known as a powerful preacher. However, it was not his goal to become known. He had an even greater purpose: He pointed the the way to Jesus.

I know that you are about many good things. I know that you are interested in helping many people. Yet we must always strive not to make ourselves known but in all things point to Jesus and make Him known.