Minister Search

Central was founded in the 1960’s by a group of people who wanted a church that stood FOR something, not against everything. There are still original members who were at the first meeting, and descendants of first members here at Central. Over the years, we have encouraged racial and ethnic diversity; had a bus ministry in the 70’s which involved almost everyone in the church in some way, and led to the beginning of the Spanish speaking congregation now affiliated with Central; begun a day care which is now a 2-day a week program; supported a missionary effort in India overseen by our then minister and another person employed by Central; have a history of supporting orphan’s homes through members’ contributions; and now Central helps host and support monthly meetings of the Angelina County Foster Parent Association; and several members are involved in other areas such as Drug Court and The Mosaic Center.

Profile points:

  • Current membership of approximately 240
  • Regular Sunday attendance of approximately 130-150
  • Roughly 100 of our members are families
  • Many of our kids and teens are from the local neighborhood and attend without their parents
  • Large, involved, and diverse Children’s & Youth Programs
  • 4 Elders

We are currently seeking to fill a Full Time Outreach & Involvement Minister position:



We welcome your application and inquiry into this position.

Please send your resume to:

Central Church of Christ
711 North Second Street
Lufkin, TX 75901

Responsibilities and desirable skills for the Outreach & Involvement Minister Position

The Outreach & Involvement Minister will have three key responsibilities in the local work of this congregation. They are as follows:

  1. Preach the Word
    As affirmed in 2Tim 4:2-5 – the evangelist will preach the word in sound doctrine. The Outreach & Involvement Minister is a humble bond servant of the Lord and member of the congregation. Working under the eldership’s oversight and guidance, he will collaborate with the elders on training and instruction that is needed for the congregation. Instruction will include sermons from the pulpit as well as weekly classes. Pulpit time on Sundays will be shared with the elders, other minister(s), and men of the congregation.Desired skills/capabilities:
    (a) Ability to preach/teach expository studies of the books of the bible as well as “topical” lessons.
    (b) 2Tim 2:15 –The evangelist will be proficient in the scriptures and able to accurately handle the word of truth.
    (c) Well organized delivery of lessons with “application” points well thought out and clearly demonstrated.
    (d) Demonstrated ability to encourage and lead the congregation to live out an active faith and involve himself with the congregation in this work.
    (e) Ability to clearly demonstrate “personal application” in his own life of what he teaches.
    (f) Proficiency in using Power point or other presentation methods as part of his preaching and teaching style.
    (g) The Outreach & Involvement Minister will have a desire for learning and improving his skills (Prov 27:17). He will be expected to network with other local ministers within the universal body of Christ.
  2. Outreach planning and follow through
    Central’s motivation and desire is to reach out to our local community. This includes the neighborhood around the church building as well as the greater Lufkin area. The Outreach & Involvement Minister will be a catalyst alongside other minister(s) under the direction of the elders in planning and executing outreach efforts. Such efforts will culminate in “honest hearts” hearing and receiving the word of God. Our desire is to be “planters of the Word” while God gives the increase (1 Cor 3:6).Desired skills/capabilities:
    (a) Previous experience in successful outreach efforts of the Gospel
    (b) Track record of success demonstrating proven ability to build God’s church
    (c) Minimum of 5 years of experience in ministry field(s)
    (d) Specialized training /education in the ministry field (degree, certification, etc.)
  3. Administration matters
    Candidate will be expected to work as a team member alongside other minister(s). His job duties will not include managing the other minister(s) but working as a partner and sharing the necessary tasks according to each other’s strengths, under the direct supervision of the Elders.