Believing the Best About Others

We all have trials and tribulations.  The things that most of us worry about statistically do not happen.  When something does however, it can be enough to cause one to feel emotionally and spiritually gutted.  This can occur if multiple problematic circumstances continue to occur.  It can cause one to solemnly think that they never catch a break.  That no matter what they do it is never enough to actually have and maintain peace and happiness.  In the movie “The Shack” there is a great sadness in Mack’s life.  He has lost his 7 year old daughter after she was kidnapped and murdered.  He received an invitation in which he accepted.  During this unique journey Mack visits someone to get wisdom.  He is placed on the judgement seat and sees various sinners who most anyone would consider evil.  After seeing his own childhood pain as he was abused as a boy by his father he is asked by the one questioning him if he deserves judgement.  He coherently says yes.  Then as the visions on a large screen appear continue he sees a little boy being tossed to the floor by his father.  After being told that the little boy is his father, he has a change of opinion in the end.  He no longer wants to be the judge in his life of others.  If you are suffering, it is best to see people the way God sees them.  We cannot do this without God. -by Beth Brown