Providence Network

Last Sunday it was announced that Denise and I would be moving to Denver to work with Providence Network. Providence Network has been working in transitional housing in Denver for 30 years. They currently have 4 properties and are adding a fifth. We will be the Directors of the new transitional home that is being[…]


The Mustard Seed

I LOVE parables! I bought a book of parables in college that challenged my thought process and my expected reality. A good parable presents really BIG ideas in small, bite size, and sometimes confusing stories that you can easily visualize. Jesus is the perfect example of how to tell a good parable. We’ll be looking[…]

“Thank You”

Dear Central Church of Christ, Thank you so much for your gift to help the people of Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The most beautiful thing about your gift is that your gave it in the name of Jesus. Because of people like you, we are able to not only help people physically,[…]


Psalm 113: How Long?

It seems like the world is in a pretty chaotic time. There’s a lot of hurt and struggle, a lot of pain, a lot of hate. It’s during times like this that we can catch ourselves asking and wondering: How long, Lord. How could you let these things happen? When will you come through and[…]


Skate Night

Sunday, October 29th from 5pm-7pm At the Skate Ranch in Lufkin Everyone is invited!  Bring a friend and join us for games, treats, concessions, devo and skating.  Friendly costumes are welcome! ALL skaters must sign up in the Kids or Youth Wing, Angel Keepers or Foyer by Oct. 26 for free skating & snack.  Adult[…]

Gate 11

By Tim Henderson Near the end of camp one summer, I was moved in my spirit and began thinking about my family and our future. I thought about when we would live fully in the presence of God. I knew that unless the Lord returned and took us all together, that we would have a[…]

Is Loving Enough?

By Tim Henderson A friend wrote the following: I’ve heard that love is a verb, not a feeling. It’s something we do, a choice we make. That’s an important thing to understand if you plan to love your enemy, or even just your neighbor. This jives well with the other proverb I’ve heard. I don’t[…]

I Don’t Know You

By Tim Henderson I was at ACU camps and a student walked past me when I was standing in a large group and said, “I don’t know you, but I like you.” Then he just kept going. It put a smile on my face. Someone was willing to see good in me rather than waiting[…]


Focus like a Sioux Warrior

“The Indian … was as a rule prepared to volunteer his services at any time in behalf of his fellows, at any cost of inconvenience and real hardship, and thus to grow in personality and soul-culture. Generous to the last mouthful of food, fearless of hunger, suffering, and death, he was surely something of a[…]


A Matter of Perspective

Our life group is reading a book together called “The End of Me: Where Real Life in the Upside-Down Ways of Jesus Begins” by Kyle Idleman. If you feel you are at the end of yourself, Idleman says that’s a good place to be. That is when Jesus becomes real in your life. I found[…]